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Due to government restrictions, we regret that we cannot accept reviews that include a medical or disease claim for a dietary supplement.

What is the sales tax rate for my order?

Each state, city, and county can have varying tax rates. The rate will be calculated based on the city and postal code that is entered as the shipping address. Once you have items in your cart, you can see the total tax to be charged on your order. We are required by law to charge 6% to We collect sales tax on orders shipped to Pennsylvania addresses.
How can I track my order?  
Please allow for 2-8 business days for arrival (depending on location) if you selected the Standard shipping method. Once your order is shipped, you can track it  by using the tracking number sent on your email.

How do I return products? What countries do you ship to?

Only the United States of America at the moment. We do not ship to PO boxes.